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Comprehensive Driving School

Do you want to learn how to drive a car confidently? Book your first lesson at Debi B's Driving School. I can provide comprehensive driving lessons to suit your requirements.

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Only Offering Manual Driving Lessons

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Qualified driving instructor in Solihull

If you have decided to learn how to drive, you need a qualified driving instructor who can teach you the ropes. Debi B's Driving School can deliver extensive driving lessons tailored to suit your specific requirements. I deliver flexible options depending on your preference and needs. My driving tuition can teach you all you need to know about driving. With my driving lessons, you will learn how to drive confidently.

I also specialise in teaching nervous drivers. You can depend on me to take away your stress and help you drive with ease and comfort. With my assistance and instruction, you can achieve your driving goals. I also conduct refresher lessons.

Driving lessons for all levels

My driving lessons include the following:
•  Beginners driving lessons
•  Refresher lessons
•  Mock driving tests
•  Pass plus
•  Nervous driver lessons
•  Advanced driver training
•  Block bookings
•  Motorway driving

At Debi B's Driving School, I deliver complete motorway lessons to help you develop confident driving skills. Get in touch for more details.


If you are in need of refresher driving lessons, come to Debi B's Driving School.

Refresh your driving skills in Solihull

If you have passed your driving test and are now looking for further tuition, come to Debi B's Driving School. I conduct refresher driving lessons for those who have passed their driving test and need further classes to build up their confidence. You will also find my classes useful if you have had a break from driving. 

With more than 15 years of experience in teaching students how to drive, I have the patience and the understanding to address any driving areas you may need to improve on. Take a look at my Pass Plus course also.

Refresher training

Refresher driving lessons at Debi B's Driving School include the following:
•  Parking
•  Reverse parking
•  Driving around town
•  Night driving
•  Motorway driving
•  Theory Refresher
•  Pass Plus

If you have had a break from driving for any reason and you want to get behind the wheel again, you can enrol for refresher lessons. Get in touch for more details.


If you are looking for a Pass Plus driving course in Solihull, choose Debi B's Driving School.

Save on your car insurance

If you want to save on your car insurance, having a Pass Plus certificate may help. The Pass Plus driving course at Debi B's Driving School helps candidates prepare and apply for the certificate. If you have successfully passed your driving test, you can enrol for the classes. As a qualified and experienced driving instructor, I can guide you through the process and help you meet the criteria for the certificate.

I can also help you go over a list of insurance companies that participate in this scheme. Once you complete the Pass Plus course, I can send a signed training form to the DSA. They will get it verified and send you the Pass Plus certificate. Take a look at my advanced driver training classes also.

Extensive Pass Plus courses

The Pass Plus course consists of a number of classes that include the following:
•  Introduction 
•  All weather driving
•  Town driving
•  Rural roads and national speed limit roads
•  Motorway driving
•  Night driving

Our Pass Plus driving courses help you develop the skills to safely operate a car under all road and weather conditions. With the Pass Plus certificate you can get your car insurance amount reduced significantly. Get in touch for more details.


If you want to have the skills to handle any situation on the road safely, choose Debi B's Driving School.

Advanced driving courses in Solihull

At Debi B's Driving School, I provide advanced driving lessons for candidates of all driving levels. From driving on rural roads to motorways, you can get the right instruction to develop your skills as a driver. With my lessons, you can efficiently handle your vehicle and stay safe on the road.

I have an extensive selection of advanced driver courses to suit your need for specialised training. Students at Debi B's Driving School have a high pass rate in driving tests also. Take a look at some of the student testimonials.


Complete driver training courses

With advanced driver training lessons from Debi B's Driving School, you can become a competent and confident driver. My classes include the following:
•  Complete driving lessons
•  Refresher lessons
•  Individual attention 
•  Pass Plus courses

Get in touch for more details.

Are you looking for a female driving instructor in Solihull? 

As a driving instructor, I am not always available to answer the phone so send me a text and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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